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Friday, October 19, 2018

I wasn’t the villain you think I was: Ravan

Courtsey: Dailymirror

And you will burn me again today. Alas! I still don't understand why. What was my fault? Why is he 'Shri' Ram and I am 'Only' Ravan
People call me ten headed do you even know why? My ten heads represented various aspects logic, knowledge, arts, skills and senses. I did not keep my knowledge to me, rather distributed and shared it with epics, manuscripts and book. These epics do not brag about me like your so called God Rama, rather discuss the bits of knowledge on linguistics, music, economy, yoga, astrology and Ayurveda (Ravanaproktabalacikitsasutra). Did you ever hear about any book written by Rama or his father or at least dictated by them? The only books about them you perhaps know is the Ramayana and Ramcharitamanas. These are typical books that unilaterally praises a king and his followers and nothing else.
Even your God figure tried learning the administration skills from me when I was near death awarded by him. And to your surprise, I did not refrain sharing my knowledge with him even in that case. You know the Ayodhya was a peaceful kingdom, but tell me if Lanka in those times was not peaceful. It was far more prosperous than Ayodhya. If you know Ayodhya as a great kingdom it was during Rama's time, not Dashrath's, and Rama became the king only after I shared my knowledge with him. And if it is about peace, what are you doing yourself, killing for religion and regions ? You have developed the same virtues within you for you which you burn me. And the irony is that I never supported those virtues.
If it is about being anti-god. I don't think I even need to prove I was more devoted to God. I built temples across our country. Even Shiva recognized my devotion towards him. I had great intellectuals and saints as my ministers, tell me the names of a minister of that caliber in Rama's Kingdom. It was full of mere yes mongers and blind supporters. I respected women more than your favorite Rama. He exiled Sita just based on some rumors. I did not disrespect or molest her even when she was my hostage. And if you think you burn me because I disrespected women, I think today most of you should self-immolate with the conditions in your country today.
I am not interested in being pictured as God, I only want you to develop a sense of good and bad. Burning me every year just burns the good things I shared as with every burning effigy you make me the villain that I was not, ignoring and forgetting the good things I brought to you when you portray me as a villain.
People say in the community of Rakshasha (Devil), brother kills brother. My beloved brother Kumbhakaran laid his life for me when I needed him. I spared Vibhishina even after knowing he was betraying me. I should have killed him according to the rules politics, law and administration. How could I? He was my brother. And you still say I was a Rakshasha. I wish I was the devil you think I was. The story could have been different.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Paris climate agreement and Mr ......

There was residential district  in a rich city. The richest of the city dwelled in there. A postman use to deliver the post to every house in the area. He was friendly to each member of every household. One day the residents got the news that their postman will soon be transferred. Then, came the last day of the postman. Every household was offering him some farewell gift. Some gave him nice wines, some sweets and some dress and some money. The day was almost over, he reached the last house for the day. A young lady greeted him. The lady looked charming in a beautiful red gown. She said, please come in. The postman could not resist, he entered. It was getting late in the evening. The lady seduced him to bed (needless to say an effortless job ;) ). They started fore-play. The postman had the best sex in years. After almost half an hour they were done and exhausted. They put on their clothes and then the lady led him to the dining room. The postman was anyway hungry after the making love and was being greeted with a five course dinner and 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon.  The postman relished the dinner. He was now all set to leave. The lady led him to the door and said we will miss your services and then placed a one dollar bill on his palms.

    The postman was left bewildered and looked at lady with a WTF expression. The lady said: hope you liked your farewell gift. The postman could not resist his curiosity and asked lady; does your husband know what we just did? The lady answered- yes of-course. Actually I must admit it was his idea. Yesterday, I told him about you and also said that every household in the area is planning a farewell gift and we should also plan something. He replied, screw him, give him a dollar. Only dinner was my idea. The postman smiled. Thanked and left.
    Now we have three characters in story (postman, lady and her husband), analogous to president, his advisors and a beneficiary of the withdrawal. Now, who is who? I leave it for you to decide.
Ciao for the moment :)
PS: And now some links to leverage your judgement

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Independence Day Column

Ok sir we could talk about some future plans that we have for the country. The premier looks amazed and pleased. But then he gets frustrated and complains-You have some plans, you did not tell me, no one tells me anything and now even you ! The secretary replies-No sir its not my plan it will be  your plan this time.  People of the country themselves don’t know what they want. They still get sectored based on religion, region, caste and several other ‘isms’. They want everything to be in order but when it comes to their own interest they breach everything. You need to show ‘em  the way around tell them how to get over these isms.  You are the elected leader of the country and you can work it out. The boss gets enthusiastic. The secretary continues- tell people to stop thinking in terms ‘isms’ and get over short term personal interests. Ask your fellow politicians to stop this kind of politics just using it in public speech won’t work. Get strict with corrupt politicians and officers, show them the way out. You are the most powerful person in the country, if you don’t take initiative then who will?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Young India: Politics

Since childhood we are told India is a great country, our leaders were presented as heroes, our culture is the best and we should take pride in it.  Do we really understand the iconic meaning of the terms like- great, hero and culture ? Do we? Well, who the hell am I to talk about these perspectives ? Perhaps not the most apt person, maybe ! Nevertheless, if I can prove my point with a short write up I will try rocking the boat; being a young Indian (Well, I still consider myself young ;)). I am not writing this against corruption, racism or against any such practice. It is just about a muse I want to share with Indian youth and perhaps for a coup to a vision.
Happenings of recent past  has set in a sense of cynicism, anguish  and anger among the people. We are blaming politicians and leaders for all the woes. But isn't politics a reflection of soceity. Where do we get our leaders from? From Mars or Venus? Today's youth will be tomorrow's leader and politician. Then why not blaming ourselves rather than blaming politicians. I am not supporting politicos by any means, but what is the use of mulling the past and not working on future. A person while entering politics thinks only of  power, not the responsibilities. I remember a dialogue from Sam Raimi's Spiderman "Great power comes with great responsibility". Indeed true, but do we follow that?
Considering the current state of politics in India be it financial scams, sex scandals or chiding opposition (from both sides) we often say the sate of politics is filthy. But who elects these politicians? They try dividing on the basis of religion region caste and language  and we get divided. I have been living in Germany for a long time now which some people call racists but believe me I never felt that sort of thing in here,  I had more of it in India living in different cities. As Indian we are so individually self centred that we have lost a vision for the future we need or we consider utopia. Given this, we are getting what we deserve.
Well what we had till now cannot be altered; past is past, tomorrow can be fixed. The youth that enters politics should pause and ponder. The youth that votes should analyse. The youth in bureaucracy should rationalise. We have to give up the thinking that politics is ugly. It might be dirty but some has to enter in order to clean it. We have certain traits and trends in politics running for ages but everything that is old and traditional need not be good. If we have a positive intention good vision it is very much achievable . I do not expect everyone should enter politics but it is definitely everyones responsibility to contribute to its betterment in his or her own way.
If you want a change you have to be a part of it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year Column

Hi folks, wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR...!!!
All those who can read this story, survived the Mayan Apocalypse, those who cannot read are trying to survive the hangover from last night. Some of you stayed up last night to witness the arrival of 2013 and some to make sure that 2012 leaves. Last night I found an old lamp, you remember the lamp from the movie 'Aladdin', I was happy to have it and started thinking what my three wishes should be. Decided to head back home with the lamp and was excited to imagine how a giant genie magically appears in a cloud of smoke and say 'Yes my master what can I do for you?, I give you three wishes.' I was anxious for the moment, will it sound like Robin Williams look like Barbara Eden? I reached home and rubbed the lamp with expectations.  I rubbed it once, nothing happened rubbed again no smoke no genie. Tried over again and again but no 'out come'. In frustration and annoyance I threw the lamp against the wall I was disappointed. 
Then the cap on the lamp opened, a short and slim humanoid creature coming out of it. "What the hell is this", I exclaimed and the genie replied "not 'what' say who the hell is this? I am the genie of the lamp, you are the one who disturbed my sleep." You cannot be a genie, I hammered back, no smoky clouds, you are a slim creature. The genie looked at me as if I am a zoo animals and answered, You humans, do you understand anything about pollution, you have already spoiled the planet a lot with smoke we don't want to add to it's woes, thats why we avoid smoke now a days.  Regarding my slimness it seems my diet plan is working, I am avoiding all the junk fast food. After a pause I said, so I will get my three wishes. On this the genie said the union of genies has decided to reduce their number of wishes from three to two. This has to blamed onto the staggering economy, inflation and cut fiscal deficit. The unoriginality and repetitive nature of the wishes also prompts us for such steps. Now I had fewer options, I thought of seeking the genies advice on what should I ask for? The genie smiled and said I don't know its you choice, everyone asks for some variation wealth, or power as the first wish,  some kind of sex appeal, beautiful men or women; depending on the gender and sexual orientation of the wisher, is the most asked second wish. Although this second wish is a waste; as wealth or power generally gets you the sex you want." I don't talk about the third wish as that option is not there anymore. And don't try to act over smart by asking me for extra wishes as the second one. This will nullify your last wish of having wealth, turning you into a beneficiary of social security system.   Since you have asked my advice you have only one wish left, he added.
I started pondering about my wish. What should I ask the genie: a fortune of wealth, peace of mind, trouble for enemies, a sexy  babe in my side or good health. The clock ticked midnight and the shout and cheer for new year emerged all around. I woke up to the reality, there are no genies, no wishes out of blues. If you want something strive for it, A better world and life comes with your efforts not with genies. Eat drink and be merry,
cheers for the new year, happy new year  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Independence day

Well let me mention the obligatory declaration for this story
"All characters and events in the story are the work of fiction, any resemblance to truth is just a matter of co-incidence"

August 13 2012, an enormous crowd of an unknown species reaches near the parliament at New Delhi and deploys in small groups. Each group has weapons of fasting, speeches, banners and flyers.  A  security person discovers these weapons and people he believes these aliens are coordinating their forces to attack. He conveys the massage to his superiors, and the warning slowly reaches the head of the state. He knows what to do but needs the permission from his superior. Yes in India the head of the state has a superior too. He calls in panic asks "Madam ji what should I do". The calm and composed lady's voice from the other side comes "Nothing Mr. Prime Minister, nothing you just have to follow my orders" and hangs up. The parliamentarians meet madam ji in an emergency meeting and it is decided that first they send a delegate to avert this war. The delegation goes meets the alien leaders. The aliens demand cannot be met, say the head of the delegate to madam ji after the meeting  the aliens. 
The flock of aliens emerge in many cities. The parliamentarians and politicians all over the country are held hostage by the aliens. The citizens of the country get convinced by the alien's cause and join them via social networking. The parliamentarians dislike it and threatens the social networking companies with a possible blockage. With citizens joining them, the aliens are multiplying aggressively, if it continues the situation can go beyond our control says a veteran politician. Calls them insane, fascist and politically motivated. The opposition envisions an opportunity in the aliens and starts supporting them and their cause. The situation is getting critical. The alien species demands are disclosed to the parliament:
1. Appoint a person to check corruption in the country and punish the corrupt ones.  
2. Get the money illegally transferred outside the country back to the country.
3. Bring every one in the country under the ombudsman.
Parliamentarians are shocked, they seem to see their death in disguise in these demands.
Meanwhile, head of the police chief plans an assault on the aliens. His idea is to take a group at a time and throw them out of the city. He executes his plan and launches a physical assault on a group led by a Yoga guru. The guru breaks and flees the city to his mother ship ahh.. sorry mother city. The agitation on the assault erupts throughout the country. The guru loses his face but citizens get theirs. At the same time madam ji orders probes agains the alien leader for corruption like charges and fumes as they don't get anything concrete, in turn some of the parliamentarians are held accused for corruption. Frustrated madam ji switches to policy of appeasement, she conditionally accepts aliens demands. The aliens withdraw. But wait, politicians are professional when it comes to appeasement. The demands are strangled by the legal procedures as at the backstage the opposition joins hands with the powerful. Politicians are true visionaries specially when it comes to their own interests. The foresee their dooming future on accepting the alien's demands. The acceptance of the demands is thus delayed by the legal procedures.
Seeing this the alien leader on August 15, devises a plan for their final assault on politicians since he is the only person whom people trust. In the parliamentarians camp where only few are left having not faced corruption charges. Decides to take the action they are best at, not listening at all or rather not acting at all. They it the aliens will get tired and surrender. The alien camp is finally broken with this attitude and plans to assault politicians with their own weapon in a suicide attack. They intend to enter politics. People are perplexed. But it is true if you have to clean you have to enter the dirt. It is a dirty job but someone has to do it. Everyone steals but let the new aliens have a chance, may be this time things change. If it cannot get any worse, it will go better anyway. We need to wait for independence hopefully it will come, not this 15th August some other 15th August.

Happy Independence Day for that 15th August


Monday, May 21, 2012

We, the people

I am talking about the common people in India who are emotionally vested in their country and are in pain these days. We see our nation being pillaged and mismanaged at economic, industrial, political and social level. Our parliament which recently turned 60, argues over the issue of cartoons of politicians and the name of a beer brand and occasionally engages in a brawl. Are these issue more important than the issue of decreasing industrial output, falling currency and rising inflation? I do not say that parliament does not talk about, they do but how many of them really have the ability to understand such discussions? Though the former kind of talk is grasped by everyone. In our social system we are hypocrites, preaching others but not following them ourselves.

The sour political and social milieu, gives us some questions. Who is responsible for this?  When and how will it change? Will a few more public fasts, candle-lightening, or a TV show be able to do it?. Unfortunately, the answers can be heavy on our ears. Although we keep on blaming politicians and bureaucrats for the woes but who becomes a bureaucrat it is one among us, who elects a politician, its us. Recently I came across an article by Chetan Bhagat where he inspires the bureaucrats to rise up to the situation and 'rescue the nation'. Off-course it is good if it happens, but how about we the people. Just cursing the politicians and 'babus' wont work so would watching some TV shows and appreciating them or lighting candles in group. We all have become a part of evils. A lot of people we elect for state assembly or parliament are criminals, uneducated and inefficient still we elect them. We blame politicians but we elect them based on the grounds of caste and religion. We all criticize social evils but follow the same path when our turn comes. When we see our surroundings as filthy and unhygienic we blame the city services but at the same time we keep littering all over our city. We blame the government for poor supply of water but we waste them everyday without even thinking of recycling. There are many such instances. It is we the people who need a change in their attitude, everything else will follow.

Looking within and improving ourselves will need a lot of time and hurdles but will provide a long term solution.